Ivan LeRoy
Name Ivan LeRoy
Age 24
location "Dirty Canada", Michigan

Ivan LeRoy (also known by the alias, LeRoygendary) is a writer/director and graphic editor for the JoyRide Entertainment channel. His most notable work includes Hajime No Ippo: the Abridging! and the Abridged Eleven. He is best known for attributing a westernized cinematic style to his parodies.

Career & JoyRide Entertainment Edit

LeRoy started out in the abridging community in 2013 as a voice actor for two projects, Avengers Abridged and Legend of Korra Abridged. Following their cancellation due to copyright claims, LeRoy developed his own series Hajime No Ippo: the Abridging!

In the summer of 2016, LeRoy partnered with MorningRamen to participate in the Team Four Star event: #TIBA, placing 13th overall with the one-shot Abridged Eleven GO, where it was praised for LeRoy's direction and characterization.

In late 2016 he founded the JoyRide Entertainment channel, which serves as both LeRoy's personal channel and team name for his frequent collaborators Earl of Bassington, CharlestonVO and DoktorApplejuce. The channel first picked up Abridged Eleven GO as an ongoing series, now fully helmed by LeRoy, while handing off production duties for Hajime No Ippo: the Abridging! to SHELLA. However, the channel's first major collaboration came in the form of Yuri Road, co-written by Bellwarrior from the CharlestonVO channel, followed by a sequel Yuri Harder, the following year.

LeRoy has also served as a script doctor (usually uncredited) and producer for several other abridgers.

The "LeRoy Method" Edit

Unique features seen in LeRoy's work is his localization of the original source material, often making dramatic changes to the setting, names and even genders of his characters. Additionally, he implements a form of lip-flapping in which custom frames of facial expressions (for example, "tah" and "oh" mouth frames and anatomically correct movement of the eyes) are drawn in for close-ups on speaking characters. These features make his parodies resemble western animation.

Also noteworthy is LeRoy's use of the filmmaking practice of letterboxing, in which black bars appear at the top and bottom of the screen to give his work a widescreen aspect ratio. It has been surmised that this is used as both a means to avoid copyright and as an aesthetic attributed to moments of drama which are abundant in his work.

Notable Projects Edit

Notable Voice Work Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In several podcasts and live streams, Ivan has claimed to be a former improv artist and stand up, with the surname "LeRoy" not being his real last name, but instead a nom de plume for the fictionalized and exaggerated persona he plays, akin to the character of Stephen Colbert.
  • Ivan has competed at the pro-amatuer level for boxing and tennis, and national level for field hockey. This explains why his early parody work is almost exclusively sports-related series.

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