Legend Of Connor
Name Legend Of Connor
location England

History Edit

Legend Of Connor (Real name Connor) He is a fairly new at making abridged series. His channel started on August the 15th 2015 but started posting videos on January 14th 2016. His first abridged series (Zelda Link The Faces Of Evil Abridged) launched on January the 16th 2016 and finished on February the 15th 2016.

Legend Of Connor's Projects Edit

Zelda Link The Faces Of Evil Abridged
Created by Legend Of Connor
Run 17:47 Minutes
Episodes 4
Zelda Link The Faces Of Evil Abridged (4 Episodes) Legend Of Connor's first ever Abridged Series.

Hotel Mario Super Abridged (1 Episode) Legend Of Connor's First Super Abridged (Comes With All New And Sexy Voice Acting).

Resident Evil Zero Abridged (2 Episodes So Far) Legend Of Connor's Second Abridged Series.

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