In Pokemon The Abridged Series, Ash Ketchum has a group of ever changing pokemon. On this Page, each of his Pokemon will be explained in detail.

Current Pokemon Edit

Pikachu Edit

Pokémon episode 1 screenshot

Ash holding Pikachu by his genitals.

When Ash went to go to Professor Oak to receive his worthless Pokemon, he was too late and was unfortunately forced to take the electric mouse Pokemon, Pikachu. Pikachu generally dislikes Ash, and does very little to fulfill Ash's dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master and instead does whatever he pleases. He decides to go with Ash after the first episode, because it was too far away to go back to Pallet Town. Commonly the only voice of reason on the team, Pikachu is voiced by Master WGS .

Caterpie Edit

Caterpie was Ash's second pokemon but his first pokemon to catch.

Pidgeotto Edit

While actually Ash's third Pokemon Pidgeotto is a special case for Pokemon the Abridged Series, as he is the only character to have literally no personality. He is often seen on the screen, remarking how he is surprised he even made it into the episode. This is confirmed in PTAS 15, Ash commented "no wonder we don't let you on this damn show".He is also voiced by Master WGS .

Bulbasaur Edit

Bulbasaur is the resident tough-guy of Ash's team. Sporting a bad attitude and a short temper, Bulbasaur is often found raging whenever he's on-stage. This is most likely due to his life as an abandoned, unwanted, and unattractive orphan. Bulbasaur is voiced by Xerostyle.

Charmander Edit

Charmander is a rather easy-going and loving Pokemon, but when he gets mad, things tend to heat up. Abandoned by his trainer, Ash decided to keep Charmander after Brock did all the work to keep the poor thing alive. Charmander often speaks in mumbles that the others understand, but the viewers cannot comprehend without subtitles. Charmander is voiced by Master WGS. Charmander seems to have an interest in raping, as he explictly exclaimed that he was hoping to eat some pussy on the island. However, this might be a reference to the fact that Meowth is a cat.

Squirtle123 Edit

Squirtle's true personality is actually a bit of a mystery. Squirtle is known to imitate popular culture in an attempt to garner popularity, so his real personality has yet to be revealed. His most recent imitation has been Kamina of Gurren Lagann, sporting classy shades, and a devil-may-care attitude. Squirtle is voiced by Xerostyle.

Krabby Edit

Krabby has had a pretty short amount of screen-time as of now, and currently resides offscreen with Prof. Oak. All that can really be said about his personality is that he found Ash cute, and seems to enjoy pinching things he finds cute he also shows signs of rabies. Krabby is voiced by Xerostyle.

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