Mai hime - 008

One of the MHTAS logos.


Mai-HiME The Abridged Series started out when a girl in the fandom, MirokuSangoRule, and her partners SesshyLuver13 & Scarypotatochips123 decided to hop on the bandwagon of abridging. They wanted to put their own personal spin on the style of abridging by putting more inside jokes of the fandom and taking advantage of the gratuitous amounts of fanservice in the series itself. Being a deep lover of the series it was easy to make theses jokes and made it easy for other fans to get the jokes.

Voice Actors/ActressesEdit

  • SesshyLuver13- Mai Tokiha, Yuuichi Tate, Sister Yukariko, Shiho Munakata, Chie Harada, Mikoto Minagi, Nurse Yohko, Midori Sugiura, and Yamada
  • MirokuSangoRule- Natsuki Kuga, Takumi Tokiha, Aoi Senoh, Rieto Kanzaki, Masashi Takeda, Haruka Suzushiro, Mashiro Kazahana, and Nao Yuuki
  • Scarypotatochips123- Nagi Homura, and Kazuya Kurauchi
  • GothicPeach23- Yukino Kikukawa, Shizuru Fujino, and Akane Higurashi
  • Wolfthezero- John Smith, and unknown?

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