Specializes In:

Voice Acting, Editing, & Scripting.

Years Active -

2014 - Present.


ManicWednesdayVA is an abridger & voice actress, known for having created such abridged series as Seraph of the Abridged & Higurashi Abridged.

History Edit

Not much is publicly known about Manic at this time other than the fact that she started her channel & abridging in 2014.

Projects & AppearancesEdit

Main Projects Edit

  • Higurashi Abridged - Creator, Writer, Editor.
  • Seraph of the Abridged - Creator, Writer, Editor.
  • A Bunch of Mushi-Shit - Creator, Writer, Editor.
  • Triage X Abridge - Creator, Writer, Editor.
  • HSOTD: Abridge - Creator, Writer, Editor.
  • Corpse Party: The Abridged - Creator, Writer, Editor.
  • The Pet Girl of AbridgeMENT (TIBA 2016 Entry) - Creator, Writer, Editor.
  • Circuit City Actors - Creator, Writer, Editor.
  • Oh My Clannad! [The One-Shot] - Creator, Writer, Editor.
  • Akame Ga Kill 'Em - Creator, Writer, Editor.
  • No Anime, No Parody - Creator, Writer, Editor.

Voice Acting Roles Edit

  • Akame ga Kill! Abridged! - Seryu Ubiquitous, additional voices.
  • Akame Ga Kill 'Em - Akame, & Aria.
  • Dagashi Kashi Abridged - Saya.
  • Jitsu Wa Abridged - Mikan.
  • Higurashi Abridged - Mion Sonozaki, Shion Sonozaki, additional voices.
  • Seraph of the Abridged - Shinoa Hiragi, additional voices.
  • A Bunch of Mushi-Shit - Shinra Ioroi, Renzu Ioroi.
  • Triage X Abridge - Oriha Nashida, Yuuko Sagiri, Goryuu.
  • HSOTD: Abridge - Rei Miyamoto, additional voices.
  • Corpse Party: The Abridged - Naomi Nakashima, additional voices.
  • Fake/Zero - Aoi Tohsaka, Natalia Kaminski.
  • Anal Beads! (Angel Beats! Parody One-Shot) - Yurippe.
  • The Pet Girl of AbridgeMENT (TIBA 2016 Entry) - Nanami Aoyama, & Chihiro Sengoku.
  • Circuit City Actors - Takane, & Girl Hostage.
  • Oh My Clannad! [The One-Shot] - Tomoyo Sakagami, Sanae Furukawa, & School Girl # 2.
  • No Anime, No Parody - Shiro, Tet, Bar Woman, & Ad Girl.

Trivia Edit

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