This article is about the abridger known as MaraRedPearlMermaid.









Abridger, Fandubber, Voice Actress, Editor, Mixer, & Writer.


History Edit

Mara started voice acting around summer of '08. She has dubbed many things, including various anime song covers, & anime clips. She started her first abridged series in summer of '09. Herself along with her friends MewRachel, TiaraSakurai, & Mewwinxmelody. The abridged series they are doing is called, "Pichi Pichi Princess: Mermaid Melody Abridged." She has an older brother on youtube called IamKitsumi. She loves him to death. Her bestiest friend (who is pretty much her clone & is completely amazing!) is Silvermist0125 (<3333). Her other sisters (who she loves IMMENSELY! <3) are DarkAngelYuuki, & alicegreenpearlvoice. As time progresses, she hopes to become a better singer & voice actress. (& maybe actually be able to be funny *shot*) She also enjoys to make AMVs. She takes requests for fandubs & AMVs! So ask her to fandub something *wink*

"Never ignore a person who loves you; Cares for you, & misses you. Because one day you *might wake up from you sleep & realize you lost the moon; while counting the stars."

Projects Edit

  • Pichi Pichi Princess: Mermaid Melody Abridged
  • D.N. Angel Abridged (maybe)

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