Ennis, Maka, Tsubaki, Various others.


 (Formerly legogirl11 but now MinaMinaVA) 

A voice actress and singer who plays Ennis in Baccano Teh Abridged Series. She first appeared in episode 3 and has played the character ever since. Legogirl is also in a Soul Eater abridged series with DWMacademy she stars as Maka and Tsubaki and other minor roles. Soon after she was also was offered a role in a Darker Than Black Abridged, but nothing ever came of it.

She has since been in many abridged series, including DemonGroceryStore's Code Geass Abridged, Yaro Shien's Abridged+Vampire, and many various abridged series and oneshot's by TheHawk. She mainly does vocaloid fandubs on her own, and greatly enjoys singing.

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