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Mirai Nikki an Abridged Series
Mirai Nikki abridged title block

Created by





11/22/2011 - Present


Mirai Nikki an Abridged Series is a parody series created by Zero-Q (Formerly known as ZeroQDimension) and is the third anime parody he has written/developed, the first two being the lesser known and discontinued Higurashi Parody Fandub and Umineko Parody Fandub, respectively.



  • Stephanie W as: Yuno Gasai and Yukiteru Amano
  • Crazyboutcena54 as: Minene Uryuu and Mur Mur
  • Skoringo as: Aru Akise
  • Zero-Q as: Deus Ex Machina


  • MOM0KI as: Hinata Hino
  • MuffinVA: as Mao Nonosaka
  • DevilKickSanji as: Masumi Nishijima
  • Sydsnap as: Ai Mikami, Reisuke Houjou and Orin Miyashiro
  • XvXBL0ODXvX as: Karyuudo Tsukishima
  • MoonDreamofA as: Naoko Kurusu (Mrs. Detective)
  • Grimmjack69 as: Officer #2
  • Runawayturist as: Officer #3
  • Zero-Q as: Takao Hiyama, Keigo Kurusu (Mr. Detective), Tsubaki Kasugano, Yomotsu Hirasaka (Twelfth), Ouji Kosaka, Rea Amano, extras.  


Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 - Future Diary of a Wimpy Kid Nov 22, 2011
Episode 2 - The Bombing Bombshell Jan 25, 2012
Episode 3 - The Blind Leading the...Visually Impaired Mar 10, 2012
Episode 4 - A Slight Burning Sensation Apr 14, 2012
Episode 5 - Blind, Faith Jun 13, 2012
Episode 6 - Mother Knows Breasts Jul 30, 2012
Episode 7 - Child Abuse Sep 14, 2012
Episode 8 - Punch the Cat Oct 28, 2012
Episode 9 - Youth in Asia Jan 25, 2013
Episode 10 - Surfin' Third Oct 26, 2013
Episode 11 - Dummies Alive Aug 29, 2015

Running GagsEdit

  • Almost every episode features a phrase that is repeated verbatim or paraphrased multiple times throughout the story (see quotes below for example).  This is a trait that appeared frequently in Zero-Q's earlier series Umineko Parody Fandub.
  • Yuno's incontrollable use of sexual puns.  Aru seems to use them too, albeit more subtle and in lesser amounts.
  • All diary owners explode the instant they die (except Karyuudo who explodes off-screen).
  • Yuno survives what would have otherwise been a fatal attack.  When another character asks how she did it, she says it's because she's "Yuno f**king Gasai".
  • Yuno really hates it when people don't "shut up and let her be naked."
  • Almost every episode featured a moment between scenes where the narrator shouts out "(CURRENT ENVIROMENT/TOPIC OF DISCUSSION) IS/ARE... GOOD!"
  • Reisuke does something that a normal five-year-old wouldn't be capable of doing (like injecting food with poison) and then remarks "-because just like all five-year-olds, I can (perform aforementioned impossible task)."
  • Yuno murders people for no reason at all and inadvertently foils an enemy's plans in the process.
  • Deus likes watching Sitting on the Can, a reality show about people on the toilet.
  • Yuno want's Yuki to have sex with her, but it's never the time.
  • Kurusu is only referred to as "Mr Detective", aside from Nishijima who addresses him as "Sir".
  • Rea Amano inhales heavilly whenever she does something peverted, normally to her own son.
  • Anybody who plays Tetris on their phone gets impaled through the head with an arrow. 
  • Any situation in which a character is able to easily bypass a heavily guarded area or elude capture is usually followed by them proclaiming that "their/your security sucks".
  • Those two minor characters Dave and Gary.  The latter is constantly talking about the former's biceps.
  • Zero-Q's use of his own illustrated scenes for added comedic effect (as of episode 8).


  • Given the amount of time it took for Mirai Nikki to be adapted into an anime, many people (excluding Zero-Q) began planning out ideas for their own abridged series years in advance.  In anticipation of the anime receivng multiple parodies, Zero-Q titled his version "Mirai Nikki an Abridged Series" as opposed to the standard "The Abridged Series" (or TAS).
  • Whilst searching for actors to voice in his parody, Zero-Q did a Youtube search for "mirai nikki fandubs".  Amongst the latest uploads was a short, serious fandub by Stephanie W where she voiced both Yuno and Yuki.  Zero-Q messaged her asking if she would like to voice as either or both characters in his series, to which she agreed.
  • Crazyboutcena54 and DevilKickSanji who voice Minene and Nishijima, respectively have also voiced in Zero-Q's earlier parody Umineko Parody Fandub as Shannon and George, whom, like Minene and Nishijima, go on to become a couple.
  • In one episode, Mur Mur can be seen watching The Adventures of Lano and Woodley on TV.  This is an Australian sitcom from the late 90's which Zero-Q is especially fond of.
  • Zero-Q uses a Southern accent when voicing Mr. Detective (Kurusu). This is also how he voiced Detective Akasaka in Higurashi Parody Fandub.

Facts Edit

  • Gary thinks Dave's biceps are huge.
  • Apprently without Kousaka, Yuki is friendless.
  • MurMur likes corn.
  • Yuno thinks that 'Make them suffer' by Cannibal corpse is smoothing music.
  • Deus wants Yuki's scarf.
  • Yuno is Yuki's personal space.
  • Yuno is a telemarketer.
  • Their security sucks
  • Yuki is highly prone to crapping his pants.
  • Yuki loves ponies.
  • Minene's younger self thinks Minene looks fat.
  • Yuki is the king of Hide & Seek.


Yuno: Yuki, does this bikini top make my boobs look big?
Yuki: Would I be standing behind this tree if it didn't?
(Later that same episode)
Yuno: Yuki, does this pastel coloring make my boobs look big?
Yuki: Would I be sitting behind this desk if it didn't?

Twelfth: (Pointing) Behold the mighty finger of justice!
Yuno: Nobody's fingering Yuki but me!
Twelfth: (Clenches his fist) Tremble in fear at the mighty fist of justice!
Yuno: Nobody's fisting Yuki but me!
Twelfth: (Sets down his diary/bomb) Soon I will blow you all to smitherines with the mighty bomb of justice!
Yuno: Nobody's blowing Yuki but-

Rea: It sure was nice of you to take me out to the movies, Yuki.
Yuki: (Thinking) It was either that or spend the entire day putting up with Yuno and her inappropriate sex puns.  Still, I wonder what she's doing right now.
(Cut to Yuno using a sledgehammer to break through the glass pannel of Yuki's house.)
Yuno: I'm breaking and entering Yuki's house.  And pretty soon, Yuki will be breaking and entering ME!

Kousaka: Without me you are friendless!
Yuki: HEY!  That's not true, I have a friend.
(Cut to Yuki sitting alone clutching a Companion Cube)
Deus: That's just depressing.
Yuki: Shut up, imaginary God!
Mur Mur: I like corn.
Yuki: Shut up, imaginary tanned midget girl!

Yuno: (Pointing at Akise) Hey!
Yuki: She means she wants to know who you are.
Yuno: Nope.

Akise: My name is Aru Akise, and my lifelong ambition is to become a detective.
Yuki: You mean like Mr. Detective?
Akise: Good heavens no, I think you may find that i'm far more competent than that braindead hick.
(Cut to a scene with Keigo talking with Rea)
Keigo: (Sneezes)
(Cut to Keigo having mucus all over his face)

Yuno: (to Aru) I hate you more than anybody else in the world!
Aru: Duly noted. May I please have your cellphone number?
Yuno: Sure.

Yuki: But at least we're back home now, where nothing bad can--
Aru: Welcome back, Yukiteru.
Yuki: (drops Yuno) Aru! Are you out of your mind?! What the hell are you doing here?!
Aru: I suspect that Miss Gasai is guilty of committing a crime. Sadly, I don't have any evidence to support this claim. So, I just broke into her house to see if I could find any evidence that would incriminate her.
Yuki: Uh... do you see the irony in that?
Aru: What do you mean? 
Yuki: Never mind.
Yuno: Sex (in a high squeaky voice)

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