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Kieran William Clarke




Ipswich, Suffolk, England,

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Mr666gothica is a british Abridger, Amatuer voice actor and Let's player. He is from Ipswich, Suffolk, England and is the creator of Fairy Tail the Abridged Series .

He is a self proclaimed "arsehole" and enjoys seeing people suffering to a certain degree, and finds the horror genre to be funny and laughs at the characters in anime and other media.

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Due to his being british his online friends have given him the nickname "Iggy" in reference to the character Britain from Hetalia.

Influences Edit

Projects Edit

  • Fairy Tail the Abridged Series by AbridgeGuild - Creator, Voice actor, Writer and Editor
  • Another the Abridged Series by AbridgeGuild - Creator, Voice actor, Writer and Editor

Involvments Edit


  • His username is based of the gothic genre and the iron maiden song "number of the beast"
  • Apparently the way he says "Turtle" is amusing to his friends as his accent makes him miss the middle T
  • He was the seventh person to be interviewed by 6SeptaG in his "One-on-One with the Voice Actor" series
  • He despises many things such as "Call of Duty", "One Piece", "Kingdom Hearts", "Minecraft" and "Skyrim"
  • His Favourite Animes are "Dragonball", "Fairy Tail", "Yugioh","Death Note", "Lucky Star"

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