My Little Pony: The Abridged Series
Dualshade Studios' MLP TAS
Created by Dualshade Studios
Episodes 9
My Little Pony: The Abridged Series is the title of Dualshade Studio's abridged series based on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Animated Series.

History Edit

Cast Edit

  • Twilight Sparkle: MuddyHikoku
  • Fluttershy: Aeman
  • GoodShy: GoldenStripes
  • EvilShy: FD
  • FlutterSaint: GoldenStripes
  • Rainbow Dash 1/2: Blaze
  • Rainbow Dash 2/2: StormyPride
  • Rarity: Potential_Red
  • Applejack: DTAmnesiac
  • Pinkie Pie: Roxy
  • Spike: Jarrodfeng
  • Spike's Burps: Goo
  • Narrator: Superxavman
  • Princess Celestia: Superxavman
  • Princess Luna: Hclegend
  • Big Mac: JamesNotaBot
  • The Book: Superxavman
  • Nightmare Moon: Various Lines from Dota 2
  • Mr. Cake: Ritzy
  • Mrs. Cake: Superxavman
  • Applebloom: Lionneard
  • Granny Smith: Superxavman
  • Trixie: Tadaboody
  • Zecora: Potluck Pony
  • Snips: Roxy
  • Snails: DTAmnesiac
  • Twinkleshine: LifeOfThe6
  • Gilda: JamesNotaBot
  • Mayor Mare: Blastdown
  • Waiter: Chipmunk
  • Daisy: JamesNotaBot
  • Shoeshine: StormyPride
  • Applejack's Dad: Gibus
  • Bunny #1: Mostly Fireproof
  • Bunny #2: MuddyHikoku
  • Cherry Berry: Jack Getschman
  • Random Pony 1: Superxavman
  • Random Pony 2: Jack Getschman

Trivia Edit

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