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Naruto Sagas
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Created By:

VegetaSasuke0 & Iamkitsumi.




Naruto sagas is a Sagas created by VegetaSasuke0 & Iamkitsumi , which lasted for 3 episodes before there was a disagreement, as well as various cases of recasting.

History Edit

It was originally was meant to be a one-shot parody but easily became a series. Nowacking had to resign as Sakura for unknown reasons (some believe due to 1kidsentertainment & Pokemon 'Bridged), but was still able to play minor characters such as Konohamaru. The plans were later changed for the group, deciding on not only to do Naruto, as well as Shippuden. Plans changed for the group when Iamkitsumi turned on vegetasasuke0 & attempted to remove him from the series entirely, forcing mixed feelings & VegetaSasuke0 to close the account, there was another account made to host the episodes for everyone who wanted to view, but due to copyright claims, the account keeps getting flagged by TVTokyo (though it is believed that everything has been taken care of).

VegetaSasuke0 hates lose ends & has expressed somewhat of an interest in making a comeback with the series with SoulReaperHikuru taking up some of the roles for IamKitsumi.

Cast Edit

  • VegetaSasuke0 - Script Writer, Editor, Sasuke, Rock Lee, Orochimaru, Shikamaru, Kankuro, Kakashi, Itachi, Might Guy Sensei, Sakon, Kidomaru, Baki, Gamatatsu, Hayatte Geko & Genma (both third exam prompters), Ebisu, Zaku, Dosu, Oboro & Sai.
  • Iamkitsumi - Editor,Script Writor, Naruto Uzumaki, 3rd Hokage, 4th Hokage, Shino, Obito Uchiha,Iruka Sensei, Jariya, Choji, Zabuza, Shino, Haku, Fugaku Uchiha, Pakkun, Chief Toad, Neji, Gaara, Jiroubo, Kimimaro, Ukon, Udon, Zetsu, Hidan, Jugo, Mubi, Kagari, Hiashi Hyuuga, Kisami, Asuma, & Chomaru Akimichi.
  • juniormcrfan - Sakura (episode 3).
  • EdricODoom - Narrator,Kabuto,& Jonin Who fights Kid Kakashi (Kakashi Prologue Special).
  • Byakuyaownsyou - Kiba, Akamaru.
  • LunarAiko - Hinata, Ino, Tenten, Moegi, & Hanabi.
  • Nowacking - Sakura (episodes 1 & 2), Konohamaru, Anko, Tsume Inuzuka & Tayuya.
  • unfortunatestar - Lady Tsunade, & Temari.
  • iDivineSilhouette - Mikoto Uchiha, Konan, Karin.
  • XXXTremeAlliance (SoulReaperHikuru) - Additional Voices

Episode List Edit

Episode Release Date
Episode 01 NA
Episode 02 NA
Episode 03 Jan 24, 2010

Characters Edit

  • Naruto - Naruto is meant to be similar to the original.
  • Sasuke - Sasuke is meant to be emo (what a shocker there).
  • Sakura - Sakura is meant to be a valley girl (has a tendency to say things like "like" & "OMG" a lot.
  • Kakashi - Kakashi is a bit of a know it all who has a history of breaking into people's houses & thinks that yaoi is disturbing.
  • Hinata - Hinata is played off as she was in the original series, yet a bit more up front about her love for Naruto (can be seen in her thoughts).
  • Ino - Ino is another character that is made to be similar to her original anime counterpart.
  • Shikamaru - Similar to original, yet sounds more like he's depressed 24/7.

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