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Nevet1212 is the creator of multiple video series along with many side projects.

Twilight Princess Abridged Edit

Nevet1212's first Abridged series, consisting of 25 episodes and two comment specials. The first episode was released on June 20th 2008, and it's last episode released on July 27 2008 making the entire series made within the span of 38 days. Many of these episodes weren't of good quality.

Character Interviews

Videos made by nevet1212 in which he interviews characters that were part of his abridged series. Currently the only character interviews have been made for characters from Twilight Princess Abridged.

Wind Waker Abridged Edit

Nevet1212's second Abridged series, also consisting of 25 episodes, but produced over a greater span of time. This series was also the first to have been edited in a program other than Windows Movie Maker, but instead in Sony Vegas.

Character Interviews

Videos where also made to interview characters from Wind Waker Abridged similar to those made for Twilight Princess Abridged.

Twilight Princess Shorts Edit

Shorts made by Nevet1212 with the characters from Twilight Princess Abridged, most where posted on Nevet1212's account, but after partnering up with another youtuber by the name of Fairydragon12, all shorts where posted on her account.

Minish Cap AbridgedEdit

Nevet1212's most recent abridged series, first uploaded on September 13, 2009, completed September 12, 2010, one day shy of a year later. There are numerous references to his other series in this one, including further jokes about the fourth wall, and Nevet1212 himself. It is implied that there will be character interviews and shorts made for Minish Cap Abridged in the last episode, but this could simply be a joke.

Wind Waker InterviewsEdit

Interviews from various characters from Nevet1212's Wind Waker abridged series. Currently this series of videos has 5 instalments, the characters interviewed are as follows, The King of Red Lions, Laruto, Makar, Kalle Demos, and link Many more are said to be planned to be made.

Skyward Sword AbridgedEdit

Had one episode, not very good, sad.

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