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Also known as

"The Colleen Clinckenbeard of Abridging"
"The Monica Rial of Abridging"
"The Female Takahata101"

Most known for

Bobobo the Abridged Series

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Main Projects

BBBTAS (Bobobo the Abridged Series)
RxJDS (RomeoXJuliet the Dramedy Series)
OPAP (One Piece Abridged Parody)


"Most Improved Abridged Series," (BBBTAS,) 2009 T.A.C Awards

Nominations in 2009 T.A.C Awards

Best Voice Actress and Abridger of the Year, (not including teams she's a part of being nominated)


Box of Danger



Abridging ResumeEdit

She has had been in numerous projects, but main ones include....

(Main Characters in bold) (Underlined Indicates a Large Contribution to Series)

Note* This is NOT Nowacking's complete resume. This has not been updated since March 10'. For her complete resume, visit her resume on her blog, ("The Weekly Wack")

  • A Certain Scientific Index - Misaka Mikoto, Komoe
  • Air Abridged by TeamFartTaco - Mizuzu
  • Animes I Don't Watch: "Beyblade" by Antfish - Kenny, Spanish woman, Team Israel Leader Daughter
  • Animated Classics: One Piece by Williamdorf - Luffy
  • AnimeDorf by Williamdorf - Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Tayuya, Nami, Edward Elric, Lambo
  • Apollo Justice Abridged - Apollo, Detective Ema Skye, Olga Orly, Plum Kitaki, Lamiroir, Vera Misham
  • Aquarion the Abridged Series by xLight09x - Silvia, Reika, Rena, Belin
  • Berserk the Abridged One-Shot by SamtheGreek - Casca
  • Berserk Abridged (Hbi2k Birthday Present) by SamtheGreek - Casca
  • The Big O Abridged by SamtheGreek - Linus, (Episode 5 Halloween Special)
  • Bleach Abridged by xLight09x - Rukia
  • Bobobo the Abridged Series - Series editor, main VA, and writer
  • Captain N: The Abridged Game Master - Princess Lana
  • "Christmas Through The Ages" by SamtheGreek - Princess Euphemia
  • Clannad Abridged by ClannadTAS - Misae
  • Code Geass Abridged by CGTSA - Kallen
  • Code Geass Abridged by TeamSupeSharu - Rolo Lamperouge, Inoue, Nagisa Chiba
  • Code Geass: Parody of the Rebellion by Luffydaman91 - Kallen
  • Cowboy Bebop Abridged by TheSatelliteBlues - Ed
  • Cowboy Bebop Abridged One-Shot by Unwardil - Theresa
  • Death Note Abridged by 1KidsEntertainment - Wedy
  • Disorganization XIII - Xion
  • Dragonball Z Abridged by TeamDragonBallForce - Bulma, young Gohan
  • East Blue Abridged by Williamdorf - Monkey D. Luffy, Kid Luffy, little girl
  • Eureka Seven Abridged - Eureka, Talho
  • Espada Basura Al Azar by BlackAbridger - Rukia, Matsumoto, Yuruichi
  • Fruits Basket Abridged by endeverafter4237 - Kagura
  • Fooly Cooly Parody - Mamimi Samejima
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Abridged by CorruptStar1 - Winry, Rose
  • Gad Guard the Malfunction Series - Jeffrey, Nowacking, announcer
  • Gundam SEED Abridged by Raptoorianxd - Miriallia
  • Happy Lesson Abridged - Coach
  • Hellsing Abridged by Team Four Star - Seras Victoria
  • Hokuto no Ken Abridged - Lyn
  • Howl's Moving Castle the Abridged Movie - Grandma Sophie, (gave up role)
  • Inuyasha Abridged by MegaLagann - Kagome, Kikyo, Kaede, Shippo
  • Johnny & Gyro Strip Show by Antfish - Hotpants, (delivery girl)
  • Kampfer Abridged by HokageTitan - Akane
  • Kampfer Abridged by MasakoX - Sakura
  • Kiddy Girl-and Abridged - Éclair
  • Kiki's Delivery Service the Abridged Parody Movie by ScooneySquad7 - Lucille Ball
  • K-On Abridged Abridged Christmas Special - Sawako
  • Ladies VS Butlers! Abridged - Daichi
  • The Legend of Zelda Abridged by Adamwestslapdog - Tetra
  • Naruto Manga: Sakura's Confession by GDechert007 - Sakura
  • Naruto Shippuden Abridged by TheKonohaBanditos - Tsunade, Ten-Ten
  • Naruto Shippuden Abridged Abridged by Zeromaster - Naruto
  • Naruto Sagas - Sakura, Konohamaru, Anko, Tsume Inuzuka, Tayuya
  • One Piece CP9 Abridged - Luffy
  • One Piece Parody - (Editor, writer) Monkey D. Luffy, little girl
  • Ouran High School Host Club Abridged by OuranHostClubAbridged - Renge
  • Poké Abridged Shot by FlyingBandicoot - Roxanne, Misty, Nurse Joy, receptionist, Mrs. Ketchum
  • Pokémon the Abridged One-Shot by Nowacking - Ash, Misty, Brock, Jesse, James, Meowth, Giovanni, Contest Man, Bulbasaur, Togepi
  • Pokémon The Abridged Series by PokemonAbridgedFTW - Nurse Joy (Episode 13)
  • Pokemon The 'Bridged Series by 1KidsEntertainment - (Episode 2 onward) Writer; voice of Misty, Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, Max (Episode 15), Vulpix
  • REBORN! The Lengthically Challenged Series - Kyoko Sasagawa
  • RomeoXJuliet Abridged by Hendrixthecat2009 - Antonio, Lady Portia
  • RomeoXJuliet the Dramedy Series - Series editor, main VA, and writer
  • Sextra Credit Abridged (One-Shot) by APlaceForChildren - Kyoko, (Head Teacher)
  • Shaman King the Abridged Series by Shamanstick - Pilika, Orange-Haired Goth Girl
  • Shuffle! Abridged by Scourgemaster93 - Asa, (episode 5 onward)
  • Shuffle! Truffle the Satire - Asa
  • Sonic F - Agent Topaz
  • Sora no Otoshimono Abridged (One-Shot) by Scourgemaster93 - Ikaros
  • Soul Eater Abridged by GoddessofCupcakes - Liz, Krona
  • Soul Eater Parody by ShibusenProductions - Patti
  • Soul Taker the Acid Series - Maya
  • Spawn Abridged - Wanda Blake, Cyan
  • Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann the Abridged Movie by JustFiveGuys - Yoko, Leite Jokin
  • Tenga Toppa Guren Lagann the Abridged Series by JFOtaku7810 - (Writer, side-editor) Yoko, Leeron


Nowacking is currently working on her newest series, RomeoXJuliet the Dramedy Series and is eager to get the first episode out.

Fandubbing ResumeEdit

Along with abridging, Nowacking hopes to pursue a career in voice acting and gains experience by lending her voice to fandubs. She is in the fandubbing group TeamSkyOwl, started by WillofD, MidnightDevont, and herself. Her most notable roles are as follows:

  • (Kampfer) "Episode 1 Fandub" - Natsuru Senō - TeamSkyOwl
  • (Kampfer) "Natsuru seduces Shizuku" - Natsuru Senō - Self-produced
  • (One Piece) "Luffy VS Mohji" - Monkey D. Luffy - TeamSkyOwl
  • (One Piece) "Final Battle: Luffy VS Crocodile" - Monkey D. Luffy - TeamSkyOwl
  • (One Piece) "Zoro VS Tashigi" - Tashigi - TeamSkyOwl
  • (Ouran High School Host Club) - "Episode 6 Fandub" - Haruhi Fujiyoka, Shiro Takaoji - Self-produced
  • (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) "Movie Fandub" - Adiane the Elegant - StudioTumbleweed
  • (The Wallflower) "Several Scenes Fandub" - Sunako Nakahara - CheftoniFTW
  • (Shuffle) Episode 8 "Asa's Beach Fun" - Asa - Scourgemaster93
  • (Shuffle!'s game) "Are you Homosexual?" and "Asa's Confession" - Asa - Scourgemaster93

Personal LifeEdit

Nowacking was born in San Fransisco, California on October 28th. She's moved over 6 times around three different states. Though she attends a college prep high school, she excels only in theater. Her hobbies include running, baking, and voice acting. She is also a champion cross country runner, being the #1 female runner on her school's team and the 13th fastest girl in the AAA league of private schools in the state of Connecticut in 2008. In 2009, she became the 8th fastest girl in the same competition, though she has since given up running competitively. In 2010, however, she plans on quitting cross country in order to build up her acting resume. She ran on cross country teams for 5 years and has been playing drums for 7 years, singing for 9 years, and acting for 11 years, (more than half her life.) She plans to live at home for 2 years to go to 2 years of college before moving to Texas to work for FUNimation. There she wants to complete a bachelor's degree in marketing and work as a voice actress on the side.

Nowacking's favorite voice actresses include Monica Rial, Colleen Clinkbeard, and Brina Palencia. Her favorite voice actor is Yuri Lowenthal.


Over the years, Nowacking has earned a few nicknames that she is often reffered to by. Due to her large resume, she has been called the "Female Takahata101," (as both Takahata and herself seem to be in quite a vast number of projects,) and was deemed the "Vic Mignogna" of the Abridging Community by PillowVsPillow. Coincidentally, they voice in two abridged series together, despite never actually meeting. Nowacking has also been reffered to as the "Colleen Clinkenbeard" or the "Monica Rial" of abridging as she plays quite a list of roles that were played by the voice actresses, (in English dubs of anime.)

  • Colleen Clinkenbeard:
    • Luffy, (One Piece)
    • Reika, (Aquarion)
    • Yuko, (Tsubasa Chronicles)
  • Monica Rial:
    • Asa Shigure, (Shuffle!)
    • Mizuzu, (Air)
    • Kelly Wong, (Black Blood Brothers)
    • Renge Hoshikuji, (Ouran High School Host Club)

Some of Nowacking's friends have also been known to shorten her name to "Wacking" or "Wax."


  • Jessi voiced Izumi in the English dub of "Queens Blade Rebellion."
  • She was originally inspired to become an abridger by MasakoX, whom she worked with on Kampfer Abridged.
  • She came out as a lesbian in September of 2013. Her fanboys wept. Her fangirls jumped for joy.
  • She writes "Dark Swamp" on her own and writes "Pokemon 'Bridged" alongside xJerry64x and 1KidsEntertainment.
  • Jessi was one of the top Cross Country runners on her school's team from 7th grade until Senior year of high school, despite attending three different high schools due to moving.

Quotes about NowackingEdit

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