Wryyyyzard's One Piece Abridged








03/11/2011 - present




Wryyyyzard's One Piece Abridged (abbreviated as WOPA) is a parody of the anime based on Eiichiro Oda's hit manga. What makes this series unique is how Wryyyyzard condenses entire arcs into a single episode. The best example of this is the first episode, which quickly covers both the introduction, Captain Morgan arc and the Buggy the Clown arc. The series is also known for it's Youtube Poop style of humor, employing several tactics often used in YTPs.

History Edit

Episode List Edit

Episode Air Date
WOPA Episode 1; Monkey D F*ckin Luffy Mar 11, 2011
WOPA Episode 2; Three Corners Has My Hat Mar 26, 2011
WOPA Episode 3; Rubberman Gets an Anal Probe Starring Kanye West Jun 4, 2011
WOPA Episode 4; Chopper Who? Jul 6, 2011
WOPA Episode 5; Camel Humps Aug 17, 2011
WOPA Episode 6; Cock Down in Mock Town Oct 8, 2011
WOPA Episode 7; Crack Land Skypea Nov 27, 2011
WOPA Episode 8; Balls Jan 5, 2012
WOPA Episode 9; Lackadaisical Apr 14, 2012
WOPA Episode 10; TroLling G8 Jun 19, 2012
WOPA Episode 11; Shipwrongs Nov 16, 2012

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