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Otaku.D Furiku
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Otaku.D Furiku is an abridger and voice actor from California.

Projects Edit

  • Gurren Lagann Bootlegged - creator, writer, editor
  • Fairy Tail Bootlegged - creator, writer, editor
  • One Piece Bootlegged - creator, writer, editor
  • Beck Bootlegged - creator, writer, editor
  • Highschool of the Dead Bootlegged - creator, writer, editor
  • Aesthetica Of A Rouge Douche Bag Abridged (One-shot) - creator, writer, editor
  • Monster Musume Bootlegged (One-shot) - creator, writer, editor

Voice Roles Edit

  • Gurren Lagann Boot Legged - Kamina, Simon, Additional voices
  • Fairy Tail Boot Legged - Gray, Pantherlily, Additional voices
  • One Piece Boot Legged - Luffy, Zoro, Ace, Additional voices
  • Aesthetica Of A Rouge Douche Bag Abridged - Akatsuki, Additional voices
  • Beck Boot Legged - Koyuki, Taira, Additional voices
  • Fake/Zero - Tokiomi Tohsaka and Rider/Iskander
  • Fake/Stay Night (Unlimited Blade Works) - Additional voices
  • Grimgar Abridged - Manato
  • Overlord Abridged - Nigun, Peter
  • Amagi Brilliant Park Abridged - Kanye West
  • Yozakura Quartet Abridged - Shido

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