This is as Close to Hentai as We Get
Season 1, Episode 8
Length 3/27/2009
Created by manitoug15 and jellibette
Written by manitoug15 and jellibette
Mixed by manitoug15
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I'm a Host, Get Me the F*** Outta Here!
Yao-ri Abounds!

Synopsis Edit

The hosts relocate to the beach. Haruhi gets thrown off a cliff for no reason and is thankful but Tamaki saves her. Haruhi is furious at Tamaki for thwarting her suicide attempt, and Tamaki is also furious because Haruhi tried to escape the series. Tamaki resolves to not talk to her, which Haruhi does not find greatly distressing. After an awkward dinner Haruhi and Kyouya find themselves alone and set about being teenagers, until they are interrupted by Tamaki. Kyouya leaves and Tamaki attempts to use Kyouya's advances to his own advantage, until Haruhi hides in a cupboard. When he realises it is because she is afraid of thunder and lightning he sees a golden opportunity to make some amateur porn, but he is stopped when the other hosts walk in on him.

Commentary Edit

  • The amount of plosives in this episode is higher than all previous episodes because we used a new mic.
  • Subtlety is spelt wrong due to the fact that manitoug15 was adding the text overlay at 2AM.
  • It is revealed that Tamaki and Kyouya got married.
  • Tamakis knocking is actually jellibette knocking on her own bedroom door.

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