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Peace Maker Kurogane Abridged
Peace Maker abridged title block2




05/16/2008 - 06/26/2009




Peace Maker Kurogane is created, written, and edited by xLight09x.



Main Cast:


Episode listEdit

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 - Cherry Blossoms May 16th, 2008
Episode 2 - Will May 20th, 2008
Episode 3 - Crimson May 27th, 2008
Episode 4 - Shadow June 2nd, 2008
Episode 5 - Moon June 13th, 2008
Episode 6 - Warrior July 1st, 2008
Episode 7 - Suzu July 6th, 2008
Episode 8 - Love July 14th, 2008
Episode 9 - Dragon July 27th, 2008
Episode 10 - Subtlety Aug 20th, 2008
Episode 11-12 - Plan on your parents

spanking your Older Brother

Sep 27th, 2008
Episode 13 - Look, It's Robert Loger! Nov 5th, 2008
Episode 14 - Food for Thought Nov 26th, 2008
Episode 15 - Immigrant Song Dec 30th, 2008
Episode 16-17 - Lie to your Empty BWAAH! Jan 17th, 2009
Episode 18-20 - ...the Mother Episode Feb 22nd, 2009
Episode 20-21 - ANOTHER Bleach reference?! May 15th, 2009
Finale - Part 1 Jun 25th, 2009
Finale - Part 2 Jun 26th, 2009

Common JokesEdit

  • “Ketchup'd” = cutting people up until they bleed. According to the disclaimer, it's also what happens to people who don't support the official release.
  • Tetsu hits people with the NOTICE BOARD OF DOOM because he does not have a KATANA
  • Derpy-looking pig mascot? They call it Pig-a-chu.
  • Sanosuke speaks only in (terribly translated) French. All of his dialogue is shown in subtitles


  • Prior to episode 11, the titles are all directly taken from the original anime

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