Battler the endless lasagna

Phcopathicfyed the Endless Lasagna

Phcopathicfyed is the creater of the uprising

Umineko Abridged and the slave of LasagnaProductions. He is the editor, main script writer, voice actor and the Patty Cake MASTER.


He worked on Umineko Abridged as his second project, his first being the epic Pokemon the Fiendship. He is currently working on both Umineko TAS and FMA Bluebird's Illusion english dub. He has two accounts, one LasagnaProductions, and the other called Phcopathicfyed, which is also his screen name.

List of projects he was involved inEdit

  • Umineko Abridged
  • FMA Bluebird's Illusion
  • Park Day
  • Pokemon the Fiendship
  • Death Note TAS SoS edition

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