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Robert Alphonzo Muncie

Other Names

Bob, Bobert, Bobby, Robby, Rob, Alphonse, Alphonzo, The "Phonz" (close friends only), and Roberta


Scranton (The Electric City)


17 (February 12, 1993) Cosmic Age: 2 millenniums

Specializes in

Abridging, video-making, computer programming (TI-basic, Microsoft, and Python) theatre, acting in real life THEATRICALLY, and smelling nice.

Recognizable Siblings

Stacie Muncie (beatlesgirl95)


PhilRyanBob, or Bob, is one of the voice actors, editor, and co-writer behind The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Abridged: PhilRyanBob. He also partakes in video making, one of his more popular works being his Band Camp The Movie series. He does a lot of sketch comedy that can be seen in his video, "Dather's Fay".


Shayka is the name of his economics teacher.

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