Pichi Pichi Princess: Mermaid Melody Abridged
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MaraRedPearlMermaid, TiaraSakurai, mewwinxmelody, MewRachel, Kikiltemri, SakuraXHieiX, Alicegreenpearlvoice, Silvermist0125 and IamKitsumi



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History Edit

Created in June of '09 by MaraRedPearlMermaid, TiaraSakurai, mewwinxmelody, and MewRachel. There are currently 5 episodes out to date. The sixth episode is currently being scripted.

Cast Edit

  • MaraRedPearlMermaid - Luchia Nanami (Episode 1) Agua Regina (Episode 1), Hanon Hosho, Kaito Doumoto, Tarou Mitsuki, and Gaito.
  • TiaraSakurai - Luchia Nanami (Episode 4 and on), Yuuri.
  • Mewwinxmelody - Rina Toin (Episode 4)
  • MewRachel - Luchia Nanami (Episode 1), Hippo (Episode 1 & 2), Izul (Episode 1), Nikora Nanami (Episode 1), Taki (Episode 1) Eriru (Episode 2)
  • KikiItemri - Nikora Nanami (Episode 2) Izul (Episode 2)
  • SakuraXHieiX - Luchia Nanami (Episode 2 & 3)
  • alicegreenpearlvoice - Rina Toin (Episode 3) Jennifer Hughes (Episode 3)
  • Silvermist0125 - Izul (Episode 3) Eriru (Episode 3)

Running Gags Edit

The main villainess's water dragon being called out as Gyarados pretending she is having a pokemon battle

Luchia being called "Barbie."

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