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This article is about the abridger & voice actor known as Pixel Poppa.

History Edit

Projects & Appearances Edit

  • Rurouni Kenshin Abridged - Script Writer, Editor, Kenshin, Dr. Gensai [episodes 1 & 2], Gohei, Gasuke, Yakuza Boss, Yakuza Henchman, Mr Yamagata, Yamagata's brother, Vish the Stampedest, Police Officer, Police Chief, Captain Sagara, & Jinei.
  • Attack On Titan Parody Short - Script Writer, & Editor.
  • Heaven's Lost Property Parody - Script Writer, Editor, & Tomoki.
  • Naruto Abridged | Ninja Stuff - Script Writer, Editor, Naruto, Inner Sakura, Nine Tailed Fox, Mizuki, & Extras.
  • Tokyo Ghoul Abridged - Script Writer, Editor, Hide, The Doctor, That One Random Ghoul, & Extras.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho Parody Short - Script Writer, Editor, Hiei & Demon.
  • My Hero Academia Abridged Abridged Shorts - Script Writer, Editor, & Izuku/Deku.
  • Bleach Abridged Parody Short - Script Writer, & Editor.

Trivia Edit

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