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Haunter versus Kadabra... (For Real!)

Series Code






Release Date

8th July, 2010






Pokéman: The Abridged First Movie

This Episode takes place after 2x02, but is Respectively slotted just before the movie. This Episode marked the comeback of CaptnAwesomee.

The 15th Episode of Pokéman Abridged Series One was released Early-July, 2010. This Brought fans back in the dozens having the Subscriber amount double Philos'. CaptnAwesomee Said he was going to "...Finish the battle with Sabrina and maybe one more episode, then leave the rest to Philos before I go back to School" But As Usual, ShoPro has shut the episode down and a 16th Episode of Series One has yet to be released and it seems Philos, Who also heavily struggles with copyright, has been named, by some and CaptnAwesomee himself, The New CaptnAwesomee: PhilosAwesomee.

2x02 has also Confirmed to be a Dream which Ash Had during the fuming of the Celadon Gym, When it caught fire; And the Official Story is in this episode - Discussed by CaptnAwesomee, Himself and PhilosAbridged

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