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Bye, Bye, Butterfree

Series Code



Following the Legacy



Release Date

7th March, 2010







This Episode Nearly Didnt get released since Philos had next to No Crowd to watch it, But released it after thinking, "This Is mainly for My enjoyment, If others enjoy it and Subscribe its Just a bigger Motivaton for the next episode"

This episode started up most of the fan base, and is the most commented on. It is also the last episode with the opening spelt wrong, every episode after has Butterfree leaving as the intro for Message in the Winds even though it was originally planned to have Message in the Winds to open for this episode.

The Runtime was 10mins, for Philos couldnt think of anything else funny, So he added "We're In the Air (The Short Version)" Which he was going to release as the Full Version but didnt end up airing it at all.

The RunTime of this Episode is the Full Version, The length will differ for Youtube by about 2mins. This episode has the most extra material for its official release so far.

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