The Ninja Poké-Showdown

Series Code



Message in the Winds



Release Date

17th May, 2010







This Episodes Original Release Date was 17th May, 2010; But it got Re-Uploaded on the 18th May, 2010 Due to Aspect Ratio Problems and Missing Promo's at the end of the Video.

Before Koga and Ash Battle, Koga says
"I Am KOGA! Posionous Ninja Master"
and Then the Fimiliar Line;
"You shall feel the despair of poison and sleep techniques!"
Which He says In The Original Game Series [Red/Blue & Yellow Versions]

In the Anime, Aya Is Koga's Sister; In the Game, Janine is Koga's Daughter and works at the Gym, This is why all the Aya/Janine Jokes Occured; Plus they Look VERY similar [Exept for their hairstyles]

Team Rocket is not in this episode and all mentions of them have been cut from the script.
Lines have also been improvised in there place.

When Koga says
"That is Tot-oh Bullshit"
its ment to be "That is Total Bullshit" but wont sound Ninjary when said in Koga's Voice, and comes out English sounding, You Try it!

Aya's Voice is based on Ms Swan From MadTV; But made dodgey to make it funnier.
Golbat uses his Game Noise and the Japanese Pronunciation combined.

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