The Legend of Dratini

Series Code



Message in the Winds



Release Date

3rd January, 2011







This Episode is the halfway mark. (7/14)
This episode is a Parody-Dub of the Banned Episode "ミニリュウのでんせつ"
or "Legend of Miniryu" as its Translation

RELEASED the 3rd of January, 2011.

This Episode was Originally Ment to be released on July 27th, But because of Exams this got pushed back.
When Philos was off exams, ironicly, his account got suspended and now he has the episode ready to be released but nowhere to put it.

EASTER EGG (Full Leaked Ep7 Script, Before its Release)
Untouched. Spelling Errors Included; Some Lines Subject to Change

Banned Episode Dub: The Legend of Dratini Runtime 20mins

Ash: Who's the Master of Masters that ever was, Me who Me! [Repeat]
Misty: That song is really starting to piss me off
Ash: Hey look a house, wanna go in?
Brock: Im not sure, that Japanese writing on the front looked scary
Ash: But Im the Master of Masters Brock, What could go wrong?
Brock: Oh, I dont know maybe this not episode being on Tv
Misty: Or Brocks face when he found out he kissed the Town Tranny, and not Nurse Joy
Pikachu: That shit was Wack!
Brock: I said never mention that again! I sware it was Nurse Joy, and thats why I continued after realising...
Kent: SHUT UP!
This Is a private reserve, so follow the rules or die
Ash: ...Follow the rules or Die?
Kent: Wanna try your luck..?
Misty: Oooh! Scary, wanna see the scar on the back of my leg?
Kent: Wow... Original Lines there... but, Damn It, I love that movie!
FIne, You can try your luck at the Safari Zone

Misty: The legend of Dratini! ...Yay!

Ash: Wicked! Safari Balls! Im gonna have fun today- Hey!
Kent: Have you paid yet, Bitch?
Ash: Paid? Im kinda broke...
But I can make it up in otheer ways...?
Misty: Ohh! A Picture set in Sepia Tone!
Ash: Its got a Dratini In it, Thats quite rare...
Misty: Im not sure, Ash, But that Dratini In it, thats quite rare
Brock: Your both wrong, Its a dratini and its quite rare
Kent: Did I say you could touch my shit?
Ash: Hey! We never ask, so why start?
Kent: Cos Ive got a Gun...
Ash: Ah, Please sir, can I see that picture of you Misty ripped off the wall?
Misty: Some people are so rude...
Brock: I call it cencorship...
Ash: Why do you hate cencorship
Brock: Shut up...
Kent: Dratini... I only wish I could see you again...

Oak: So youve met Kent?
Ash: yeah... and his Gun
Oak: Yeah... that dosent surprise me at all, But theres good reasoning behind it
When he was younger, He was friends with a Dratini, But Giant Magicarp yelled at him for his kindness... and thats why hes so angry these days...
Misty: Thats why hes so mean?
Ash: What did any of that have to do with the clips?
Oak: Nothing at all... But serious... Hes off his Head... Hes CRAZY!
Ash: Is that why he gave me a doggy bag and a Stick!?
Oak: Correct, Sadly, Your spot on... ... ...Bye!
Ash: Then lets get out there and Catch some Shits!

Jessie: Catching shits, aye?
James: Sounds like fun!
Jessie: Maybe we can find something rare...
James: Or a Sepia picture... you just dont see anyhese days
Meowth: Or we could go on the Safri Tour
Jessie: Or we could do all of the above...
...Since we havent had a big part in the last few episodes, were gonna make up for it!
James I feel all tingagly inside!
Meowth: Its like a party but no one showed up
Jessie: Im surrounded by idiots...

Ash: Well, Have fun alone!
Kent: Seriously, I have a loaded gun...
Misty, Ash, Brock: BYE!
Jessie: hold it there!
Misty: [Sarcastic/bored] Oh No... Team Rocket...
Kent: Who are you guys? And what do you want here?
Jessie: Were Team Rocket, and we want a Bigger part in the Season
James: And to have a bigger... oh did you say that yet?

Jessie: To become a bigger part of the series so far
James: And make it to the end without hitting the bar
Jessie: Here comes Jessie, Queen of Safari
James: And Here Is James, Wait, Have you forgoten our names?
Jessie: Its JESSIE!
James: and JAMES!
Kent: I dont care who you are, Your not Me!
James, Jessie & Meowth: Stop Shooting!
Jessie: Why is Meowth's head so Big?
James: Who Cares, Im Batman!
Jessie: But your not Batma-
James: Then How are we fly-[SMACK!] (flying?)
Ash: Lets escape before they start the motto again...
Jessie: So, what do you think of Our Master Plan?
Brock: You havent said it yet
James: To Capture that Dratini, Cos its extreamly Rare!
Misty: Dratini? That things more than quite rarem its extreamly rare.
Pikachu: No way, Your all wrong. Dratini is Rare.
James: Were going to catch the rarest thing in this place!
Meowth: And then-
Meowth: then we can-
Meowth: Seriously, But Im
Meowth: James!
James: Shut Up, Im Batman!
Ash: Be a Ninja!
Jessie: Now We are Nijas!
Misty: thats why you should never listen to Ash
Ash: I Disagree, I have now made this episode way more interesting
Now we can go ahead and Catch some Shits!

Brock: What are thoes things?
Dexter: Torous, The Bull Pokeman, This Pokeman is a bull, therefore it does stuff a Bull would do, Such as saying "Moo-rg" to other bulls. Other bulls prefer to run in heards but sometimes these bulls fly in heards... dont get the reference, then stop watchin this, and watch all of Series One... Its the shit!
Ash: okay... that sounded like Bull
Lets Do this!
Brock: Capture!
Ash: That was WAY too easy, but ahh well
Brock: I caught this one, so I can keep it?
Misty: But Ash gave his services, so he paid for it, its theoreticly his...
Ash: Im starting to tolerate you

Ash: Wow, Whats that?
Dexter: Torous, The Bull Pokeman, This Pokeman is a bull, therefore it does stuff a Bull would do, Such as saying "Moo-rg" to other bulls. Other bulls prefer to run in heards but sometimes these bulls fly in heards...
Misty: Havent we heard that before?
Ash: Nope. Dont think so
Active Cheat Code! A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A.A!
What? At least the cheat worked...
Misty: I thought that was just a myth...
Brock: Lets just stand here and watch it leave!
Ash: At least Im capturing alot of Pokeman... Even thoguh there all Flying bulls...

Jessie: We need to get ourselves some flying bulls, Meowth!
James: or we can just use this gun to get everything...
Meowth: It'll be like taking candy from paraplegic Babies
Jessie: I dont care what happens at the moment,
This is the only time Ever I look extreamly Hardcore
And, What? I follow Up with it?

Jessie, James & Meowth: Who's That Japanese Style Pokeman?
It's! Flying Bull!

Kent: What are you going to do to me! ...I mean.. what are you going to do to me ;D
Jessie: (Laughs) You think you have a chance with Jessica-Susan-Meredith-Sophia-Saiyam-Rory-Lynch-Raij the Third? No Way Sugar!
James: Not even Misty has a chance with her
Kent: Thats enough of these games, Theres no way your stealing my Dratini
James: Thats were your wrong-
Jessie: You want to fight? Fine. Arbok!
Meowth: And now that your properly tied up, theres nothing you can do.
Jessie: Too bad you cant get with Ms Jessica-Susan-Meredith-Sophia-Saiyam-Rory-Lynch-Raij the Third, aye. I can see the lust in your eyes...
Kent: GodDamn it, I want you.
Jessie: But oh no! Now im a young girl. so innocent, so kind. And willing to do anything
Kent: What does this have to do with the episode...

James: Tell us where Dratini is now!
Kent: i dont know
Meowth: Are you sure you dont know..? What if we tempted you with someDelightful music and food?
Kent: Wow.. That is a very good offer... but no... no... I CANT!
James: Okay, Fine old man. We'll paly this your way
Jessie: get out a length of bunggie rope and the hungry, ungry hippos Mewowth!
Meowth: Ive got better!
Kent: What that
Jessie: oh, Meowth, Your so Smart! This is the Hungry, hungry hippo machine!
Kent: But What does it do?
Meowth: allow me to demonstrate that.
James: Completly Shit all...
Jessie: its so pointless its perfect!
Kent: Stop-Stop-Stop! Ill tell you!
Jessie & james laugh

Ash: Whats that Misty
Misty: its my super special fuge coated lures- And hes my MISTY SPECIAL haha yay!
Ash: Id swim away from that if i saw it...
Misty: Watch This!
Ash: And now what
Misty: We wait... not everything is instantanious- HOLY SHIT, ITS INSTANTANIOUS
Ash: Wow... It Feels Big
Brock: Ha!
Brock: Oh Skut
Misty: Now i lost my lure...
Kent: Help-meHelpme
Ash: Its a Mehelp! Pikachu, Thunderbolt!
Misty: Sorry, I went to the bathroom what did i miss
Ash: I nearly caught a Mehelp but it fled.
Misty: Oh wow. theyre really rare
Kent: What the hell is wrong with you kids
Brock: Who did this to you?
Kent: Team Rocket...
Ash and Misty: Team Rocket?

Jessie: Everythings ready on my end
James: And same on mine.
Meowth: Preparing for the bang
Jessie: Just dont screw it up! Got that? Oh my god, its so cute. and so rare
James and Meowth: JESSIE!
Jessie: Come on little one, Come to Jessie
James and Meowth: JESSIE!
Jessie: Your so cute arnt you
James and Meowth: JESSIE!
Jessie: Just a Little Closer..
James and Meowth: CANT BREATHE!
Meowth: dont worry Jessie, we'll net it and all the rest of them in the water TADA
Ash: Team Rocket! Give up now, that Dratini is mine!
Jessie: Wanna make a bet? what are you gonna catch it with?
Ash: Well, I do have my lunch i can tempt it with
Jessie: Oh cool... cos ive just got this DYNAMITE!
Kent: What is wrong with you guys, how could you do that
Misty: Let him Drown!
Ash: I dont care about the old man, i just want the Dratini
Misty: Oh thats a bit better...
Ash: dont you want a super rare awesome new toy?
Misty: Oh, sorry, Have fun!
Ash: Yeah. If im not back in 5... expect me dead.
Misty: If ash dies, ill never get a toy. Staru, Help him!
Ash: Staru... i hope you can read minds, Take out the competions
Kent: I hate that kid
Ash: Now wheres that Dratini... If i temp it by having it save me, i can steal it when its not expecting it.

Misty: Do you have my Dratini
Kent: Go to hell Kid...
Ash: A little further... Oh No (Sarcastic)
Jessie: Yeah Logical sudden rain
Brock: And werlpool
Meowth: And light..?
Kent: And light- oh did you just say that?
Misty: My toy
Pikachu: It worked!
Kent: Dragonair... Youve Grown..
Dexter: Dragonair: the dragon/air Pokeman. It is half Dragon... but can float in the air
Ash: Hey Team Rocket... Good luck catching it now
Jessie: Oh... what a dick...
Kent: Dragonair... remember me?
I knew you when you were just a small Dratini
Dragonair: Yeeeaaahhh...
Kent: Oh Dragonair!
Draginair: Oh Old Man...
Dratini: Suuppp?
Kent: You had a baby. Thats wonderful!
Dragonair: Good cause he's yours...
Ash: Who wants to steal them both
Brcok: Count me in
Misty: What you guys dint notice was there was another baby Dratini and it wont be coming back haha.
Ash: Win.

Ash: Professor. Did you get all the Pokeman i caught?
Misty: I certainly did not catch any though haha
Oak: Yes, Ash. There coming throguh now, i cant wait to see what they are
Ash: Your gonna love em
Oak: But there are so many...
Ash: I really like them haha...
Oak: Im sure i will too as long as their not flying bull
Ash: Well...

Ash: Bye!
Misty: Cya
Brock: Bye
Misty: Just walk away calmly, i dont think hes notced
Dragonair: Wait! My Son!
Misty: Run! Now whos the master of Masters, Bitch? Haha YAY!

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