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Pokéman: The Abridged First Movie
Pokeman FIRST

Series Code




Release Date

28th July, 2010







This Movie is the Equivalent of 3 CaptnAwesomee Episodes, but only 2 PhilosAbridged Episodes.

The Trailer for this Movie has nothing to do with the Actual Movie itself, As the Second Moive's trailer does aswell. The story line is about the same, with a few small changes.

This movie was originally fully uncensored, but when it was released in HD; It was censored, awaiting the one part uncensored HD release later on.

The audio quality of Part One of the Movie is the only copy that is SD out of all CaptnAwesomee's videos Philos owns, The rest are full quailty, but not HD, and sometimes blocky.

Team Maga, the Gay Pirate Organization Purple Pants Bandanna... Thing, Is mentioned, wich is something not many people had noticed in the past, to my knowledge.

"We Just Got a Letter" is Philos and His Friends current Msg Tone.
Other Pokéman Abridged quotes are alternate Msg Tones.

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