Bio Summary Edit

((Before the summary I would like to say that this information is more then likely to be a little out of date.))Originally known as PowerMadGamer in 2013, he was just a guy like any other who had fun doing what he loved. However, In late 2014 he stopped being another generic gaming channel and decided to be PowerMadOtaku; an abridger. He is very new to the world of abridging, however he has already done really well regardless. On September, a new anime was released, Parasyte Maxim, the anime that made his channel what it is today. He intends to complete the series with up to 24 episodes, the same amount of as the Official show. He maybe new to abridging, but he is no stranger to comedy.


Voiced for Abridges:

Parasyte The Maxim




Punch Man

Steven Universe

Prison School


Note:Some time ago PowerMadOtaku had deleted the information above, and most likely more. For reasons not fully known to me. Then filled the summery with "PowerMadOtaku? More like PowerMadGayboi" and left it at that. But a friend of his had screen-shot'd what you see now before hand. As an sort of friend with nothing better to do and the information to give I thought I would waste my time filling this crap out.

PS. he has an old deviant art account.

He's a true. TRUE. Fucking meme.

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