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Powerpuff Girls Z Abridged (or PPGZA for short) is a parody of the anime Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z. It is created & edited by PowerpuffOldandZfan & written by Toshikinightfox. PowerpuffOldandZfan chose to focus only on episodes with the main villains & maybe a few rare occasions, such as the evil disco clown.


  • Talim0BS as Buttercup (First Voice), Poochie (First Voice), & Lil Arturo
  • Emma Andstuff as Buttercup (Second Voice) & Poochie (Second Voice)
  • PowerpuffOldandZfan as Mojo Jojo, The Narrator, Him, Cody, Monster Cody, Brick, & Pancho
  • OreimoAbridgedSeries as Professor Utonium
  • 0NeverNeverLand0 as Ms. Sara Bellum
  • PrincessofAnime1100 as Boomer & Ms. Keane
  • MelissaHoll149 as Annie & Princess Morbucks
  • VileKaizer as Butch
  • RAnimeFreak as Violet
  • ThePagesAreViral as Ivy
  • Extras:
  • KittyKyun as Kasey (Blossom's Younger Sister), Duchess Morbucks, & Bubbles' Grandmother
  • PurpleMokona101 as One of Princess's Friends & Various Characters

Episode ListEdit

Episode 1 - Spank the Monkey (Complete)

Episode 2 - Bubbled Chaos (Complete)

Episode 3 - Uh... The Green One (Complete)

Episode 4 - Episode 3 the Sequel Part 2 (Complete)

Special Episode: PPGZA Christmas Special

Episode 5 - Johnny Cosmo Episode (Currently being voiced) [This episode currently has no title]

Episode 6 - Fuzzy Lumpkins, I Choose You! (Yet to be released) [Possible other title: A Wild Fuzzy Lumpkins Appears]

Potential Future Episodes:

(The order in which these episodes will appear in the actual series may vary)

Monkey See, but Doggie Do Nothing (Yet to be released)

Mojo Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Yet to be released)

WTF's with the Afro?!! (Princess Episode) (Yet to be released)

Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Amoeba Boys Episode) (Yet to be released)

Sedusa Episode (Yet to be released)

Gigi the Great Episode (Yet to be released) (POSSIBLY Episode 7)

Gangreen Gang Episode (Yet to be released)

Rowdyruff Boys Z Abridged (Yet to be released)

The Powerpuff Girls ZEdit


Blossom is obsessed with three things: Anime, sweet foods, and boys. Blossom is depicted as the leader of the team. Due to Blossom's love for anime, manga, & abridged series, she often comes off as a nerd at random moments. Her favorite abridger is ShadyVox because she thinks he's hot. She lives with her two parents, the both of which are always arguing with each other, & her younger sister Kasey, whom of which is more of a nerd than Blossom is.

Blossom's real name in the abridged series is Kelly


Bubbles is sweet, innocent, bubbly, & a little bit psychotic. She constantly switches from a sweet little girl to a girl bent of enslaving the citizens of New Townsville. She lives with her grandmother, who is just like Bubbles & thinks that she is a witch & tries to perform witch craft to help Bubbles to enslave the world. She owns a stuffed octopus doll called Octi, which is actually possessed and she & Octi have little conversations on how to enslave all of the world. The only things that can tame Bubbles' evil ways is her Octi doll, if it's possessed by a much more powerful & more evil being (Him), & Cody, being her one and only love interest.

Bubbles' real name in the abridged seires is Michelle


Buttercup is the tomboy of the group. She is also a secret bisexual. She has no shame in letting people know that she likes boys, but she tries to keep it secret that she is also into girls. She & Blossom end up having arguments every now & then, but Buttercup is actually in love with Blossom & she is too afraid to tell her so. She lives with her mother, her older & younger brothers, and her father, whom of which is the famous masked wrestler, The Flying Pansy.

Buttercup's real name in the abridged series is Jo, which is short for Josephine


  • The song that was used in the opening credits was originally Melt by Hatsune Miku. Now it is a shortened version of the 2nd intro to the original anime, "JIG THE UPPER".
  • Every character in the show keeps their names given to them in the English Dub, but some of the characters maintain their characteristics from the Japanese version. For example, Cody will have a much more serious disease than whatever the character's ailment (illness) is in the English Dub.
  • Mojo Jojo's characteristics & voice are both styled from the original version created by Powerpuff Girls creator Craig McCracken & voice actor Roger L. Jackson. At the same time, the voice of the Narrator is styled from the original version voiced by Tom Kenny.
  • Originally, Toshikinightfox's inspiration for the Mayor's voice was going to be in the style of Family Guy's Ollie Williams.
  • Episode 2 is the first time PowerpuffOldandZfan has attempted to lip-sync an entire episode. However, due to technical & personal reasons, the second half of the episode did not include lip flaps.
  • In Episode 1, Bubbles is humming a song originally made by DriatanVA called "Dria's Bored Song". This is a reference to DriatanVA voicing the character.
  • When Blossom eats the cookie in Episode 1, the sound she makes while eating the cookie was actually a blooper sound made by DriatanVA.
  • It took PowerpuffOldandZfan over a year to complete episode 2 due to technical issues.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic, & the Old Owl from the Sonic Abridged OVA Movie make brief cameo appearances in episode 2. The Sonic Abridged OVA Movie was PowerpuffOldandZfan's first official abridged project.
  • In episode 3, while trying to guess the Mayor's occupation (other than Mayor), Bubbles makes a guess by saying, "Or a barber that kills his victims when they're not looking?". This is an obvious reference to Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.
  • The decision to give the girls REAL names to their alter egos was due to the fact that, in the English Dub of the original anime, the girls have their super hero names as their real names. For Example: In the JP version, Blossom's real name is Momoko. But in the English Dub, her name is Blossom for both her super hero name & her real name.
  • Episode 4 of PPGZA is, by far, the shortest episode in the series. With the first three episodes being around 10-12 minutes long & episode 4 only being around 4 minutes & 32 seconds long.

PPGZA Ep 1 - Spank the Monkey11:25

PPGZA Ep 1 - Spank the Monkey

PPGZA Ep 1 - Spank the Monkey

PPGZA Ep 3 - Uh... the Green One10:51

PPGZA Ep 3 - Uh... the Green One.

PPGZA Ep 3 - Uh... the Green One

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