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PurpleEyesWTF (Purps) is the creator of Code MENT, a parody of Code Geass, and None Piece, a parody of One Piece.

Code MENT Edit

PurpleEyes started in 2009 with his original Code Geass Abridgement. After the production of episode 6 he revised his series and started from scratch, changing the name to just "Code MENT". He took down his old series, but left up the old version of episode 6. In total he has made 15 episodes, not counting the second version he made of episode 13.

None Piece Edit

In January of 2011, he started abridging the anime One Piece, dubbing his abridged series "None Piece". None Piece proceeded to become very popular and caught the eye of LittleKuriboh, who made a guest appearance in the third episode of the series. The series has become very popular with the first episode reaching 2 million views.

The Crossover Edit

In the end of October 2012, PurpleEyes made a crossover episode of his two series, calling it a fanfic and excluded it from the storylines he was creating with either of his two series.

Single-episode projects Edit

In addition to his biggest projects above, he has made the single-episode project named Pokemans: The Adventure.

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