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RandomYori's Naruto Abridged - Episode 105:35

RandomYori's Naruto Abridged - Episode 1


RandomYori is an Abridger, Voice Actress, and Writer. She is striving to become a Professional Voice Actress in the near future.

She is currently working on her own Naruto abridged series known as RY's (RandomYori's) Naruto Abridged Series. She will be voice acting as Naruto, Hinata, Anko, and Shizune.

People who Inspired RandomYori

This is where you can find RandomYori's Channel:

And that's all for now. Stay tuned.


  • S.S.O.S. Inuyasha (Script Witer and Voice of Kagome)
  • !~Happy Birthday Kaylee~! (A Birthday Funshot) (Director, Script Writer and voice as myself)
  • Rotten Fruits Basket (Director, Script Writer and Voice of Kagura Sohma) (In the making)
  • Ceiling Flower (Wallflower Abridged) (Director, Script Writer, and Voice of Sunako and Various Extras)

Projects Involved InEdit

Demo ReelsEdit

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