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Reign The Conqueror Abridged
Reign the Conqueror abridged title block


Gordian Thong Productions


2/26/2009 -




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A thong and sword epic retelling of the story of Alexander the Great, with the addition of sarcastic humour, obscure mythological references, and self-awareness to the abridged formula.


Reign the Conqueror Abridged is edited by jurpentine, with scripting and voice acting by the ensemble cast of Gordian Thong Productions.



  • Tyrest - ep. 3
  • TheActingJern - ep. 5 (Demosthenes)
  • HendrixTheCat - ep. 8 (Dinocrates)
  • Shazmybot - ep. 8
  • Chicknwings - ep. 8
  • Master WGS - ep. 8 (Ibn)
  • LordMoonstone - ep. 8 (ZariWari)

Episode listEdit

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 – Putting the Horse Before the Cart Feb 26, 2009
Episode 2 – The Times They are Intriguein’ Mar 21, 2009
Episode 3 – Best Vernal Sabbatical Ever May 4, 2009
Episode 4 – Treach Out and Touch Somebody Aug 31, 2009
Episode 5 – And with that my liege is how we know

the Earth to be barrel-shaped

Dec 4, 2009
Episode 6 – Floppy Epileptic Exposition Mar 23, 2010
Episode 7 – Solve the Plot with the Sword Jan 28, 2011
Episode 8 - Nonsensicapolis Jan 3, 2012

Running GagsEdit

  • Floating Naked in Pool Time (submersible Alexander)
  • Alexander schedules 20 minutes every day to have his face stroked by his mother
  • Hephastion singing musical accompaniment to many scenes
  • Olympias and snake references

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