RKA (Rurouni Kenshin Abridged)
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Series Run

April 2008 - On going

Youtube Channel

History Edit

Rogue began the series back in April 10, 2008 with himself as kenshin, Blacksilkninja, as Karou, and Chicknwings, planed to be Sano. Sadly it never went be one an episode two.
Rogue then made a come back by doing a redux of his original first episode and a planed for the second. The second was scripted, and all recorded... and is currently in the editing process.

Running Jokes Edit

A few of the running jokes in Rogues RKA, included Karou being slightly stupid and a fan girl. Kenshin being compared to Kurama form Yu Yu Hakusho, fear of pieces of wood. Yahiko thinking that he is Naruto and various other random or sexual jokes.

Cast Edit

Kenshin RogueAbridger
Karou Blacksilkninja
Yahiko TheDoctor17
Sano Chickenwings
Grandpa 1Matwilson83
Extras All
TBA Zeromaster
TBA Dco250

Openings Edit

  1. Something from the Kenshin ost
  2. Ash Like Snow ( Gundam 00 Opening 2)
  3. World End (Code Geass R2 op 2)

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