Samuraikh2 profile
Name SamuraiKH2
Age Unknown

This article is about the abridger known as SamuraiKH2.

Projects Edit

Appearances Edit

  • Trigun Abridged - Vash the Stampede, Man with Sax, Dr.Knives, random extras
  • Nadesco abridged- Kevin Dude
  • Chaos Head Abridged - Daisuke
  • Fruits Basket Abridged - Yuki Sohme
  • Ouran High School Host Club Abridged - Tamaki
  • Anime I Dont Watch : Ouran High School Host Club - Hikaru
  • Anime I Dont Watch : Gurren Lagann - Magerath
  • Pokemon Abridged shots4 : Meowth
  • Vampire Knight : Kaname
  • Disorganization 13 : Xaldin
  • Geass Twist : Random Rebel
  • Gurren Lagann Abridged : Leeron
  • Niaminakun abridged : Akihiko
  • Hitman Reborn Abridged

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