ShakuBridged No Shana was founded by Yaro Shien and Mr.Skoringo. Scripting started in early April of 2012 and casting was done the same day. The first epiosde witch was posted by Yaro on the DragonMasterAssocitae channel on July 28th 2012. The Team was called "The Killer Tsundere" but due to a typing mistake is now "The Killier Tsundere". Yaro is the main editior for the series but originaly was supposed to be Skoringo giving that it was supposed to be his series, but now is by Smoking Stine Productions.

The Cast

  • Mr Skoningo- Yuji Sakai, Tanaka Eita
  • Yaro Shien- Alastor, Keisaku Satou and Extras
  • Sydsnap- Shana
  • Lord Moonstone- Hayato Ike
  • xStarryNightSkiesx- Yukari Hirai and Extras


  • TruthorDeal(DealorTruth)
  • ShinigamiEater

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