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North Carolina, United States


This article is about the voice actress known as SilentJo.

History Edit

It is stated that one of the reasons that she started voice acting was due to one of her friends who was dyslexic (reading subtitles can be hard for people who are dyslexic), so she dubbed over anime that may never get a dub, she has been voice acting ever since.

Projects & Appearances Edit

  • School Days The Abridged Series - Otome Katou.
  • Sexual Demons Episode 1 - The Things We Do For Sex - Melissa.
  • Erza Scarlet vs. Cutie Honey - Anime Swordfights - Erza Scarlet.
  • WARM Entertainment's Fullmetal Alchemist Abridged - Alphonse Elric.
  • High School DxD TnAbridged - Kalawarner.
  • A Goofy Movie: On The Open Road Cover Fandub - Road Rage Grandma.

Trivia Edit

  • She is a very big Fullmetal Alchemist fan.
  • Writes fanfiction in her spare time.

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