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April 3, 2011

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Soul Eater Giga Redux is a parody of the anime series Soul Eater created by Sparklin Water Productions. Written and Produced by Gigaman92, It follows the basic plot of Soul Eater while adding a bit of hilarity to it. Most jokes either come from observations and/or make references to memes and media such as Harry Potter and Disney. While it can be considered an abridged series, it's name stems from an attempt to move away from the cliche of "the Abridged Series" as a title.


  • Maka - evildevilgurl
  • Black Star - Gigaman92
  • Soul Eater - 13solja
  • Deathscythe - Gigaman92 (episode 1), TylerRaven
  • Shinigami - reunitepyro
  • Blair - Gigaman92
  • Death the Kid - SuperAmericanBoy

Common JokesEdit

  • Similarites between Soul Eater and Harry Potter/A Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Maka being as flat as a breadboard/a loli/a pettanko.
  • Various Tvtropes references.
  • Blair having Ass..sets.
  • Soul being a self-proclaimed badass.
  • The Writers (or writer) not really caring about one-time villians.

Gigaman92 08:53, May 28, 2011 (UTC)

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