Super Mario the Abridged Series is an abridged series of Super Mario 64 DS following the story of Super Mario 64 created by Emakentaz.

Super Mario 64 Abridged
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Episode 1:


Episode 2:


Episode 3:


Episode 4:


Episode 5:



May 18, 2011


October 8, 2011

Being Emakentaz's second abridged series the series is better abridged than Crash of the Titans Abridged. With some new voice acting and old voice acting from the previous abridged series like Lakitu (the voice of N-Gin) Emakentaz also compleated the short series (5 episodes) in less than a year with some good ratings.

Characters Edit

  • Mario - the main character who is obsessed with cake
  • Lakitu - Mario's sidekick who was orignally smart but after Mario blew up the cloud Lakitu he suffered major brain damage and is now an idiot who talks to himself and sometimes makes no sense
  • Peach - after being captured by Bowser ... well thats about it ...
  • Bowser - the monsterious creature that kidnaped peach again. He also has some problems...

Theme Song:

Pipe Dreams By Mad Hatter

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