Dead Zone Abridged

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  • Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  • Tetris


  • This movie was released in the middle of the Androids Saga, even though it takes place before the series begins. In the end, however, it's revealed that the events of the movie didn't actually happen, but were just a movie pitch to Producer Nappa created by Krillin.


Kami: Oh, Garlic Jr. How awful to see you again. You're looking grotesque as always.
Garlic Jr.: Oh hi there, kettle. Name's pot. Have we met?

Garlic Jr.: So Kami, you mad that I tried to have you killed?
Kami: More confused why you target Piccolo instead of me. Not that it matters. I'm going to put you down for good, not unlike I did your father, you miserable little--
Garlic Jr.: And I will enjoy watching you fail. Because you see, before you arrived, I used the Dragon Balls to grant myself immortality. (Laughs)
Kami: Wait, so you tried to have me killed, then used the Dragon Balls?
Garlic Jr.: (stops laughing) Uh, what? Yeah, why--oh shit. Wow, I dodged a bullet on that one. Thank God my minions are so incompetent.

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