Percussive Maintenance

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  • Raid: Kills Bugs Dead


  • Dr. Briefs reads the disclaimer for this episode.
  • This episode was uploaded to the TFS website on Christmas Day 2014 as part of Team Four Star's "DBcember".


Dr. Briefs: So how's the detonator coming along?
Bulma: It's coming. But did you look at Dr. Gero's notes? As it turns out, he only attributes model numbers to his successful projects. The crazy bastard was kidnapping dozens of orphan teenagers and experimenting on them.
Dr. Briefs: Oh, come now. You can't kidnap an orphan. They weren't wanted in the first place. As a side, that's kinda brilliant.

Krillin: Hey, I was on Namek, OK? Shit got crazy. I got stabbed. And blown up.
Yamcha: I've been stabbed and blown up, too. And dumped by the only girlfriend I ever had.
Krillin: Same. But you know the difference? When mine left, she took all my money. When yours left, she took all her money.
Yamcha: ...
Master Roshi: Gonna need a senzu for that one.

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