Tiles and Tribulations

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  • Christopher Zito as Hetap Actor 1
  • Marc Swint as Hetap Narrator
  • Caitlyn Bairstow as Aerobics Instructor

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Additional Music Composer Edit

  • AinTunez

References Edit

  • "All training and no play make Gohan a dull boy" is most likely a reference to The Shining.
  • Flappy Bird
  • Sesame Street
  • Angry Birds
  • Legend of the Pervert (Hentai)


  • Chichi reads the disclaimer for this episode.


Trunks: (Angrily shouts and then drops to the ground)
Krillin: Ah geez, he's taking it pretty rough.
Vegeta: It's pathetic. Find some honor in defeat for god's sake.
Krillin: View must be great from that glass house of yours.
Vegeta: (angrily) Hmm?
Krillin: We should go check on him!

Cell: "(confused)" how do all these squares make a circle?! I'd just, no no it's fine it's fine it doesn't bother me, it doesn't bother me, it bother me, it bother me a lot, AND THAT ONES STILL GREEN!

Yamcha: You know, if you're gonna skulk around, you could at least try to not be a total dick about it.
Vegeta: Oh you're right. Allow me to try again. (clears throat) Hello, Earthling. How's that gaping chest wound?
Yamcha: Just fine. How's your spine?
Vegeta: ...I'm giving you a five minute head start.
Yamcha: Thank you. I'm going to need it. You're very fast.

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