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Takahata101 is a Team Four Star member on Dragon Ball Z Abridged and several other Abridged shows.

Takahata101 and TeamfourstarEdit

Takahata has become a popular figure in the Abridging community as the most popular Dragon Ball Z Abridged Character Nappa, making a character most popular for saying "What does the scouter say about his power level?" into a lovable, hysterical character in his own right in TeamFourStar's Dragon Ball Z TAS. Takahata101 with the help of the team created a parody of the song "Ghostbusters" by Ray Parker JR into the cult classic "Ghost Nappa" after the death of Nappa in episode 9-10. During the Christmas season of 2009, the song "Killing in the Name Of" was added in the song collection as a joke. The next year, KaiserNeko, the series editor, collaborated with Takahata101 as he mentioned fans were not too happy with that song not being downloaded and featured the full version of the song with a downloadable feature like they did for Ghost Nappa.

Takahata101 is a skilled non profit voice actor in the abridging community. Takahata101 has been in a multitude of fandubs and is part of multiple fandubbing groups. Takahata101 has many projects to date as a popular Canadian voice actor. In an April Fools video on LittleKuriboh's channel CardGamesFTW, Takahata101 is referred to as a "voice whore", although he has been referred to as that long before Kuriboh's video.


Takahata101 has voiced many characters and has appearence in Abridging series such as:

  • G Gundum Abridged: Michelo Chariot, Jibodee Krocket, Rain Mikamura, Argo Gulsky, Dr. Mikamura, Comissioner Karato, Stalker, additional voices (also co-creator)
  • Bleach Kage Abridged by the third hokage (LittleKuriboh)

Other Edit

Takahata has provided the voice of Raptor for the flash-turned-Steam game Lethal League.

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