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Team Sexy Angels (TSA)


KuroNekoSox; Masamune1Date








Team Sexy Angels was the result of a random idea for an abridging group that was created by some random college student in his early 20s. In the beginning (which was earlier this year) it consisted of just two members.KuroNekoSox and Masamune1Date. This failed dynamic duo attempt decided to abridge the fanservice fiesta that is Queen's Blade. Knowing full well that there are a lot of characters in the series, KuroNekoSox decded to ask around for some more VAs...only to succeed with the additions of: Lunarmelody13, OreimoVA, and DEEsidia97.

The group is currently working on Queen's Blade TAS, as well as some side projects. While waiting for a teaser to be finished, the group's founder(s) decided to branch away for a bit, to do an abridged series of Dangan Ronpa, and Kuro has stated that he will be bringing back some of his old abridging projects at a later date.


Masamune1Date (AKA Takashi)

Lunarmelody13 (AKA Luna)


DEEsidia97 (AKA DEE)

KuroNekoSox (AKA Kuro)


Queen's Blade Abridged

Dangan Ronpa Abridged

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