Beyblade Abridged Episode 209:14

Beyblade Abridged Episode 2

TheBladeSharks return with Episode 2 of their Beyblade Abridged

Scenes from Beyblade Abridged Episode 2 by TheBladeSharks

Scenes from Beyblade Abridged Episode 2 by TheBladeSharks

Created by JK3SZ and Norkkah on YouTube, on May 28th, 2010. Later they created TheBladeSharks on dailymotion just incase YouTube would've banned their account.

Beyblade Abridged is NOT Canceled and is planned to re-appear by continueing with Episode 3+

JK3SZ: "TheBladeSharks got a good start theres no point into quiting the Abridged Series"

Norkkah: "TheBladeSharks accept your Epsode 3 dare"

Projects by TheBladeSharksEdit

  • Beyblade Abridged - Episode 3 is planned to be released in May of 2013, then hope to release a least an Episode per month.
  • Blue Exorcist Abridged (Coming Soon) by JK3SZ, Norkkah, MasendanX, and more
  • Justice League - Crisis On Two Earths Abridged Movie (Coming Soon) This Abridged Movie will have tons of popular favorite voice actors teaming up together in one big Abridged Movie. Starring: JK3SZ, Norkkah, MasakoX, NintendoWiiS100, Imperson8, SaviorDragonFTW, spiritkitten, Mavent64, dogface701, SakuraYuki112Jr, and more... 
  • Shaman King Abridged (To Be Announce) by JK3SZ, Norkkah, MasendanX, and more

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