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TheDarkBoco Profile 1




United States.

Specializes In:

Voice Acting, Editing, & Script Writing.


TheDarkBoco is an American Abridger, Voice Actor, Writer & Editor. He is the creator of Princes Princess! Abridged & is in the process of creating Girls und Panzer: Und Shot. He is also a Co-Writer on Anime Lawyers Epicly Abridging Gurren Laggan the Encore, & was a moderator on the AbCom discord server and is now a mod on The Abridgers' Lounge (AbLo) discord server, along with being a member of the AniQuest Podcast.

History Edit


  • AnimeLawyers Legally Abridging Phoenix Wright - Spiritual Writer.
  • Seio Academy's Princess Princess! Abridged - Writer, Editor, Voice Director, Bus Driver, Tooru, Mikoto, Teacher, Cousin, Akira, Yuujirou, Tsuji, Student Council President, Student B.
  • AnimeLawyers Epicly Abridging Gurren Laggan the Encore - Writer (Ep 3-present).
  • Aniquest Podcast - Himself.
  • AbCom - Ex-Discord Server Moderator.
  • Abridgers' Lounge - Discord Server Moderator.
  • Abridged Rewind - Thumbnail Designer, Judge.
  • Abridgelions Ninja Scroll Abridged - Clan Ninja 3


  • Boco is a self proclaimed "Semi-Retired" Lets Player
  • The only reason he has any friends in the community is because of group chats & servers
  • He is one of the only people to figure out how to edit in HitFilm
  • All the programs that he uses to create abridged videos are free

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