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Years Active:

2009 - Present.

Number Of Episodes:



TheSEATeam was created on December 17, 2009. Their primary project is Soul Eater Abridged.

The team quickly gained popularity in the Abridged community, becoming the second most-searched Soul Eater abridged series. The Team consist of eleven voice actors, relatively big for an abridged team.


  • Episode 1: [1]
  • Episode 2: [2]
  • Episode 3: [3]
  • Episode 4: [4]
  • Episode 5: [5
  • Episode 6 Part 1: [5]
  • Episode 6 Part 2: [6]




  • Flamealchemist35 spends around 40 hours editing an abridged episode, trying to make sure the mouth flaps match up almost perfectly, which is one of his greatest pet peeves
  • In every episode, there is always at least one small mistake made, either in forgetting to censor a curse word, or a slight mouth flap mess up

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