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The Knuckles Show (Knux Show for short) is an ongoing "abridged" series made by Clutch Roadagain that started in late 2008 under a previous account which is currently lost permanently due to Barack Obama stealing his account and claiming ownership of The Knuckles Show, resulting in a long time legal battle between Clutch and the then president of the United States.

The series follows Knuckles the Echidna following the mentally exhausting divorce he was forced to endure between himself and the Master Emerald where the Master Emerald takes the kids, the Chaos Emeralds. The experience is so tense that it causing Knuckles to suffer a schizophrenic meltdown and start hearing the voice of Dr. Robotnik.

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Knuckles the Echidna - Clutch Roadagain

Dr. Robotnik - Also Clutch Roadagain

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Episode 1
Knuckles starts his adventure in Emerald Hill Zone. Nov.



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This project was Clutch Roadagin's true voice acting debut and anyone who says otherwise is a stupid idiot and needs eat a fat turd.