Abridged Series


The X-Men Files


26th June 2008

Created By


Number of Episodes

62 (as of 6th July 2011)

Overview Edit

Inspired by the famous "Juggernaut Bitch" youtube video by Myway Entertainment, The X-Men Files was an abridged series that was written and voiced by LetsBurnHoles. LetsBurnHoles closed his account so the abridged series is not able to be watched at the moment, but may be found reuploaded by snapdragon64 on his channel.

Description Edit

Taking clips from the popular X-Men cartoon from the 1990's, The X-Men Files puts the show's characters into adult situations and bizarre parodies.

Series Humor Edit

Originally the series focused more on adult humor of the sexual nature, but as it gained popularity, the humor has broadened its appeal to satire and parody.

Links Edit

The X-Men Files On Youtube  -

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