Zazusha, DeathNoteL12, BossTrigger, Stokes, and WhipOfAlchemy

TheresABulletInMyLeg is a group of abridgers that make a Black Lagoon Abridged Series. The team consists of Zazusha, BossTrigger, Stokes, DeathNoteL12, and WhipOfAlchemy.

History Edit

This all started with the idea of DeathNoteL12 and Shamanstick to make an abridged series. They decided on Black Lagoon because it was a new series that no one has done before. They got BossTrigger, Decimator71, and Zazusha to be in the project. Due to problems within the group, Shamanstick left. Then Decimator71 was replaced by Stokes to play Rock (Okijima). The team has had 4 episodes since.

Roles Edit

Cast: (Main roles)

DeathNoteL12: Revy

BossTrigger: Dutch

Zazusha: Benny

Stokes: Rock

WhipOfAlchemy: Balalaika

Special Guest Targets:

Ep 1:Master WGS as Ash(from PTAS byPokemonAbridgedFTW)

Ep 2:CaptainAwesomePatch as Yahiko(from Kenshin Abridged)

Ep 3:LordQuadros as Solid Snake(Metal Gear Solid: The Abridged Snakes)

Ep 4:DarkSideIncorporated as Jaden and Syrus(Yugioh Gx The Abridged Series)

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