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This article is about the abridged interviewer known as TsubasaNoAMVPro.

History Edit

TsubasaNoAMVPro has a long history with abridging, as he has created bonds with a ton of abridgers throughout the years. He is listed right beside Nathangraves989, Chicknwings, & SavageSnakeKid as one of the greatest interviewers in the abridging community. He is great friends with TheSEATeam , he even made them an opening for their abridged series. He had a giant feud with The Sagas Council in 2012, making various videos mocking them, & going as far as once to even subscribe to them because he found them to be such a joke & wanting to know what their next moves were going to be. Due to some of his actions in the community, people have mixed feelings on him.

Interviews Edit

The history of Tsubasa's reviews are based on abridged characters, as apposed to the actual creators, though these interviews can actually be the creators/voice actors in character.

List of Abridged Interviews Edit

List of Cancelled Interviews Edit

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