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Uchihan Hotshot is known for being the ceator of Black Butler TAS, & The Annoying Bad Guyz's Fullmetal Alchemist TAS. He also writes for Ouran another abridged series & 4guyswithstrawhats's One Piece Abridged.

History Edit

Not much is really known about Hotshot other than that he is friends with ZeroSigner, though it was implied a long time ago that he quit abridging, but remains a voice actor.

Voice roles in other Abridged series & Fan-DubsEdit

Like some abridger, Uchihan loves voice acting and calls himself a voice whore.

(Copyed from his Channel)


  • Bakugan New Vestroia Abridged - roddyster (BakuganNVabridghedftw is were he posts them) --- Marucho, Shadow, & Dr. Michael
  • Bleach Random Abridged - Fan of Star Wars 22221 - Zangetsu
  • Code Geass The Abridged Series- Stmurda23 - Lelouch (18 - onword)
  • Code Ment Version 2 - Fan of Star Wars 22221 - Suzaku & Llyod
  • Dragon Ball GT Abridged - Mega Dragon 520 - Vegeta & Trunks
  • Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged - Team Blue Star - Raditz, Butler, & Kroin
  • Final Fantasy XIII Abridged - The Farrons - Cid Raines
  • Umineko Abridged - Lasagna Productions -- Ozzy Osbourne
  • Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds Abridged - blakstar 10 -- Seto Kaiba

Fan Dubbing:Edit

  • Anrrancar Encyclepida - Hell's Dimentio - Aizen Sosuke & Dondachakka Bilstin
  • Yo Son Goku - Mashu 609 - Vegata & Oolong

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